Bidrin® Insecticide has superior rainfastness in comparison to acephate-based commercial products.
AMVAC Cotton
AMVAC Cotton

Choose the Proven Power of Bidrin®

As you make your foliar thrips control recommendation, consider the advantages of Bidrin over acephate brands. Data from Mississippi State University shows that Bidrin resists washoff after application as compared to acephate. This is due to its rapid adsorption to the leaf surface.

Bidrin provides proven thrips control due to its fast knockdown and locally systemic activity. It’s the ideal choice for resistance management as an alternative mode of action following neonicotinoid seed treatments.

In addition, Bidrin does not flare spider mites or aphids and is actually labeled for suppression of these pests.

Bidrin Advantages

  • Rainfast period within 3 hours
  • Provides suppression and does not flare spider mites or aphids
  • Quick contact activity
  • Locally systemic activity for 3 plus days of residual control
  • Tank mix flexibility with some herbicides
  • Ideal rotation choice in resistance management programs

AMVAC Cotton

Angus Catchot, Extension Entomologist, 2011

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