Bird Hunt Nebraska: There’s never been a better time to buy a permit and plan your Nebraska upland trip.
Bird Hunt Nebraska
GROUSE: SEPT. 1, 2018 — JAN. 31, 2019
PHEASANT AND QUAIL: OCT. 27, 2018 — JAN. 31, 2019
Nebraska Game and Parks
It rides on the fall breeze that grows stronger every day — Nebraska upland bird season is coming. Home to multiple species of upland game, Nebraska offers pheasant, quail and grouse hunting opportunities. Plus, an innovative population-improvement plan has increased options for pheasant hunting in several parts of the state. Take advantage of mixed-bag opportunities, easy access to public land, healthy bird populations and long hunting seasons.

With several species of birds and other game available to hunt, Nebraska is truly the mixed-bag capitol of the world. Buy a permit and see for yourself what makes Nebraska the go-to place for upland game adventures.
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