Built around the AccuBond LR bullet, 27 Nosler delivers long-range knockdown power.

Legendary Long-Range Power
No joke. For most North American game — we’re talking whitetail, mulies, elk, antelope, sheep and hogs — the long-range power of 27 Nosler will knock ‘em off their feet. It not only shoots flatter than the 6.5 PRC, when it arrives on target, it’s got more punch than a .300 Win. Mag. Next time you come across a monster buck — or anything else — you’ll be ready.
Built Around the AccuBond LR
27 Nosler’s performance is built around a high-tech, proven combination of case capacity, unique twist rate and long-for-caliber AccuBond Long-Range bullets. And it’s only from Nosler.
What Others Are Saying
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