Calculator: See how much time and money you could save with ProGanics DUAL.
If your restoration efforts are on a tight timeline and under constant scrutiny, new ProGanics® DUAL™ will help you finish faster. It delivers the patented soil-building properties of ProGanics® Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) and the erosion control performance of a Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) with just one application:
• Biotic Soil Media provides the organic material and biological spark to ensure successful establishment of sustainable vegetation

• Industry-leading erosion control technology locks seed and soil in place
See how you can increase the productivity on your jobsite with the most effective combination product on the market.

ProGanics DUAL is the perfect solution for:

• routes that have depleted soils and low to moderate erosion potential (slopes up to 2H:1V)

• remote areas where multiple applications add significant cost

• complicated projects where efficiency is paramount to success

It’s high loading with the best water-holding capacity and erosion control effectiveness in its category, so you can cut down on tank loads without sacrificing results. See how many tank loads you can save.


Don't leave anything to chance. Establish vegetation faster and accelerate your success by replacing a two-application approach with one application of ProGanics DUAL.

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