TRU’s Current 365 pilot training gives you more access to state-of-the-art training devices and online ground school.
Currency Training That Works with Your Schedule
What if you could take part in training not just once every 12 months, but anytime, all year long? TRU Simulation + Training launched Current 365® as an alternative to once-per-year training, giving you more flexibility when it comes to staying current.
Current 365’s two annual training events, online ground school, system quizzes and flight training devices ensure your skillset is always up-to-date—in a way that's always easy for your schedule.
This convenient, bundled training package makes year-round mastery easy.
Save Time and Money
Select the courses that meet your personal schedule and budget requirements for bundled savings.
Reduce Overall Training Time
Spend more time with training devices and less time in the classroom.
Get More Access to Training Devices
Take advantage of unlimited access to the Integra fixed training device.
TRU understands that your drive to be at the top of your game never quits, and Current 365 is designed to help you meet your goals—anytime of the year. Take a moment today to request more information on how to enroll.
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